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  • teak plantation Teak Tree (Tectona grandis)
    This is a teak plantation in Indonesia.
    Teak wood is harvest for many uses.
    Its uses include: teak decks for boats,
    teak plates, bowls and kitchen utensils,
    and of course, Outdoor Teak Fruniture!
  • teak flower and teak leaves Teak is Durable!
    Teak trees produce small white flowers
    and fruits. Teak also produces a
    natural teak oil that help the
    tree survive in many different
    climates around the world. The teak
    oil also prevents termites and other
    pests from infesting the wood,
    even after it has been harvested!
    This is why teak is a popular
    wood for boat decks and outdoor
    patio furniture.
  • Teak boat deck Teak Has Many Uses
    Teak is regaarded as one of the most
    dirable woods on the planet.
    Because of this, restoring teak
    furniture only needs to be done
    1-2 times each year, depending on
    its condition.

The Teak Tree, Its Cultivation and Uses



The Teak Tree [Tectona grandis] is a large tree which can grow larger than 130 feet. It has large ovate-elliptic leaves that can be over 15 inches in length. Teak trees have white flowers that bloom between the months of June and August. Teak trees also set fruit from September to December. Their fruits are globose and about 1.5 centimeters in diameter. Teak flowers are pollinated primarily by insects, however wind pollination does occur occasionally. It is thought that bees play a major role in the pollination of teak flowers.

Distribution and Habitat of Teak Trees:

Tectona Grandis or teak is native to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, northern Thailand, and northwestern Laos. It is naturalized in other regions of the world, including; Africa, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Tectona Grandis can survive and grow in a wide range of climatic conditions. It grows in arid regions with little rain fall, as well as very moist forests where rain is common.

Cultivation of Teak Wood:

The majority of teak is grown and harvested on teak plantations in Indonesia. Its cultivation is controlled by Perum Perhutani, which is a state owned forest enterprise. The primary use for teak is for the production of outdoor teak furniture for export. Teak is a yellow-brown timber that is well know for its fine grains and texture. The teak tree naturally produce its own teak oils, which allows it to survive in harsh conditions. The teak oil is also pest resistant. This prevents termite infestations from occurring on growing and harvested teak wood.

Uses of Teak Wood:

Teak is used for a variety of different purposes throughout the world. It is commonly used for building houses in some areas, however much of its use is associated with furniture, decks and kitchen utensils. Boat owners utilize teak for its durability and its non-slip attributes. Teak is widely used for outdoor furniture for similar reasons. When treated properly, teak is comfortable and soft to the touch and it does very well when exposed to the elements. It is thought that patio furniture made of teak can out last all other types of wood.

Conservation and Environmental Issues:

A major concern is that rare old growth teak trees will disappear with the increase of harvesting wild trees. This is alleviated with the use of teak plantations that harvest the trees for specific export purposes. A raising issue related to teak plantations is the issue of sustainability. The Forest Stewardship Council is helping to certify those farmers that practice sustainable teak harvesting techniques so that the teak wood industry can continue to produce this high quality wood.

Latest News

May 1, 2015

Summer will be here soon!

It didn't seem like much of a winter, but nonetheless, the sun will be out in full force in no time. That means it is time to protect your furniture with some maintenance. Call us to here about how we can keep your teak looking great month after month.

January 10, 2015

Happy New Year

Make 2015 the year of enjoying your backyard living space! Clean and protected teak furniture is key to having an attractive patio that is inviting to family and guests. Restoring your teak early on will give you the foundation to keep it nice all year with simple and affordable maintenance. Call OC Teak today to revitalize your investment.

November 1, 2014

Get Ready

Now is the perfect time to get your furniture ready for winter. Whether you are looking to protect the wood from potential moisture (hopefully!) or anticipating a Thanksgiving or X-Mas dinner party, we can help you get through the winter knowing your teak is in good shape. Call us today to refresh your teak.