Deck Refinishing Services

We refinish and maintain all types of hardwood decks including those made of ipe, mangaris, redwood, cedar, teak and more. We follow a proven process for ensuring your deck is properly prepped and sealed, no matter its history and current condition.

The Key is Proper Preparation
We believe very strongly that sanding is usually not the best way to properly prepare a deck for a high-quality restoration.  We use wood-specific strippers and cleaners, properly diluted to the right strength for the specific job at hand, to ensure that all previous sealers, oxidation, and weathering are fully removed, leaving a clean, pale surface. We then neutralize the cleaning agents by brightening the deck leaving a ph level ideal for proper absorption of our penetrating wood sealers.

All Sealing Done By Hand
Once the wood surfaces are properly prepped, we apply only the highest-quality sealers available to ensure your deck exhibits the tone and appearance you are looking for. These sealers also will not darken over time but will instead weather quite handsomely, getting lighter over time before being ready for a regular maintenance visit.  Our sealers are never sprayed with all application done by 6″ pads. Any excess sealer is always hand-wiped with clean, lint-free rage to ensure the deck surface is dry and ready to use within 12-24 hours of our work is complete.

Why Do We Use Penetrating Sealers Instead of Common Surface Varnishes and Water-Based Finishes?
Everything we do is based on ensuring the most pain-free and lowest cost maintenance once your deck is properly restored.  Bu using only penetrating sealers, we ensure that we can clean and re-seal your deck whenever maintenance is necessary for the lowest overall time. No sanding is required for maintenance and many maintenance jobs can be done in one workday, given proper drying conditions.  Just as important, your deck will show all of its natural beauty and be properly fortified and protected with the oil-based, penetrating sealers that OC Teak utilizes.