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About OC Teak

Hi, my name is Parker Redmond, owner and founder of Orange County Teak Furniture Restoration. OC Teak started in 2000, when a couple high school friends and I needed to make some extra cash over the summer. Some of my earliest "clients" included my parents, my grandmother, and my aunt. We later expanded by going neighborhood to neighborhood seeking out teak furniture, sometimes by peering over backyard fences (Don't worry, we have stopped doing this). We'd approach the owner and offer to clean it up for them for an absurdly low rate. Admittedly, we had no clue what we were doing at the time. Since then, our process has evolved from its primitive state of dish soap, recycled sand paper, and so-called "Teak Oil" (which does more harm than good to teak wood).

It wasn't until several years later when we realized we were getting pretty good at refinishing teak. We had received our college degrees and in a struggling economy we decided to create something out of nothing. We had done our research on the latest techniques for restoring wood furniture, experimented with different sealers and recieved advice from established professionals in the restoration industry. In the back of our minds we always thought we could possibly make a legitimate business out of it, so I utilized the educational resources of YouTube and taught myself how to make an effective website. A few business cards later and we were up and running.

The defining moment in which I knew we had made a good business decision to become professional teak restoration specialists came when we got ahold of a competitor's quote for a large commercial project. We were shocked to see the rates that were being charged to this customer, and offered to do the job for $1,500 less. After months of planning and performing jobs, we had successfully scoured the area for teak furniture once again (although this time with more professional marking techniques). The end result is a company that started from scratch and that has developed a specific service or product that is the most efficient and thorough in the industry. Since then, we have been providing the most affordable, friendly, and professional teak refinishing service available in Orange County, and we have grown to provide this service to the entire Southern California region - from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Our motto is simply: "If the customer is satisfied, we're satisfied." This simple approach has been a proven sucess for our company. Afterall, it is YOUR furniture and YOU are in control of how YOU want it to look. OC Teak simply makes that happen. So, if you are looking for a high quality teak restoration experience, you have come to the right place. Thanks for stopping by and we look forward to hearing from you.


Parker Redmond

Owner and Founder of OC Teak Restoration

(This is me after wining the International Master of Teak Restoration Competition. Just Kidding.)

Latest News

May 1, 2015

Summer will be here soon!

It didn't seem like much of a winter, but nonetheless, the sun will be out in full force in no time. That means it is time to protect your furniture with some maintenance. Call us to here about how we can keep your teak looking great month after month.

January 10, 2015

Happy New Year

Make 2015 the year of enjoying your backyard living space! Clean and protected teak furniture is key to having an attractive patio that is inviting to family and guests. Restoring your teak early on will give you the foundation to keep it nice all year with simple and affordable maintenance. Call OC Teak today to revitalize your investment.

November 1, 2014

Get Ready

Now is the perfect time to get your furniture ready for winter. Whether you are looking to protect the wood from potential moisture (hopefully!) or anticipating a Thanksgiving or X-Mas dinner party, we can help you get through the winter knowing your teak is in good shape. Call us today to refresh your teak.