Teak Furniture Maintenance

Well-cared for teak furniture is one of the most pleasing sights there is but it takes regular maintenance to keep it looking that way.  For the majority of teak owners in Southern California, maintenance every 9-12 months will keep your teak protected against the elements and pleasing to the eye.  Once we have properly restored aged teak furniture, we are in a great position to continue to maintain it with the same cleaners and sealers that brought it back to life.

During a normal maintenance visit, our team will prep your wood depending on the amount of weathering since our last visit. We will use a combination of cleaning and sanding to get rid of mold and mildew and will then re-seal all surfaces with the same sealer used previously.  Your pieces will be dry and ready to use within a day and good for another year of service.

We offer an automated reminder system for all of our customers to ensure that maintaining your teak does not slip your mind.  We know our customers take pride in their outdoor surroundings and want to ensure we do everything possible to help you keep your outdoors looking their best.

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Dirt Damage
Dirt, Air pollution and plant materials like pollen build up quickly on your wood, clogging the wood’s pores and discoloring the surface. Professional cleaning and or sanding removes these contaminants and is the first step in teak refinishing.

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Sun Rays
Even on hazy days, our Southern California sun has strong UV rays that penetrate your wood, dry it and bleach out any color pigmentation. Our Professional grade, deep penetrating stain, and sealer will restore color and protect your wood from the damaging impact of the Sun.

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Rain Damage
Our Coastal fog and occasional rain carry within it acidic chemicals and bio-material making your wood a perfect home for growing mold and mildew. This is where the gray, black and green spots come from. Once again our high-quality stain and sealer applied to a well-prepared surface will create a breathable yet tough barrier against these harmful elements.

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Our outdoor wood refinishing and protection service not only keeps your outdoor furniture looking great, but it can extend its life by decades. The return on your investment is clear and certain.

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Our proven processes and premium materials and sealers ensure that you are getting the best wood restoration and maintenance service available in Southern California.