Deck Sealing

A new deck can be a truly beautiful addition to your home but the elements will quickly start changing that appearance from day one. Only be properly sealing your new deck can it appearance and longevity be optimized. Many deck builders will not seal what they build as they are looking to complete the job and get out of there as quick as they can. That’s where we come in. We can protect and beautify your investment in one simple act of new sealing it.

The steps we take to seal your new deck are relatively simple. First we clean the surface to remove any contaminants. Then, we brighten the wood to neutralize the effects of the cleaning, leaving the wood with a proper ph level. Then, after the wood has dried, we hand seal the wood surface with fully penetrating sealers that will not go dark or attract airborn dirty. Your deck will not be sticky or shiny and the depth of the wood will show through like never before.

Deck sealing is often overlooked with a new deck but it is a very important step to safeguard your investment. Call us today so we can help you understand what we can do and how it will help your deck.

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