Deck Restoration

Decks of all wood types are many times the centerpieces of an outdoor living area. We are experts in restoring all types of wood decks including ipe, mangaris, redwood, and teak.  With specially formulated cleaners and brighteners, we are able to return your weathered deck back to its raw, natural tone and then protect it with a penetrating sealer that will also add a rich, beautiful tone to the existing wood grain. The deck will be protected from the inside out and will weather gracefully until your next maintenance visit is needed.

Many wood decks across Southern California get blackened over time and many homeowners accept this fate as normal aging. Your deck only blackens because the oil someone used to seal it wasn’t thin enough to fully penetrate the surface and charred on the surface. We use only fully penetrating sealers, fortified to protect your deck from the inside out, no matter the wood type. Your deck will age graciously over time, lightening as opposed to darkening, until it’s time for us to return and prep and re-seal your deck for another round of protection.

Most of our customer cannot believe how much better their deck can look when we are given the chance to work our magic.  Give us a chance to convert you into a satisfied customer and you will not regret your decision.

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Our proven processes and premium materials and sealers ensure that you are getting the best wood restoration and maintenance service available in Southern California.