Teak Furniture Sealing

New teak furniture looks amazing, with its soft tones and natural hues.  It radiates a level of richness and simplicity that is hard to replicate. To keep teak furniture looking as good as it does when new, it should always be appropriately sealed with a marine-grade, fully-penetrating sealer that will protect the wood from the elements while elongating its showroom appearance.

The proper steps we take when sealing new pieces of teak furniture are fairly simple. First, we lightly sand the wood surfaces with sanding blocks to remove and roughness and surface oxidation that may not be apparent to the naked eye. Then, when all sanding dust has been removed, we hand seal with a fully penetrating sealer available in a range of tones. We offer a natural look sealer that de-emphasizes the grain lines on the teak wood as well as a more traditional, oil-based sealer (not teak oil!) which yields the classic, honey teak look so often associated with new teak furniture. No matter your choice, your teak furniture will be protected, beautified and more easily maintained in the future when it starts to weather, as all teak will do over time.

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