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At OC Teak Restoration are specialists in restoring, protecting and beautifying teak and wood throughout the exterior of your home or business. With over 15 years of experience, thousands of successful and satisfied customers OC Teak Restoration is the company you can trust for expert care and service.

Although Teak Wood and Teak Furniture are a central part of our service, we are also specialists in all types of wood restoration, refinishing and protection. If you have any type of wood outside of your home and want it to look like new and last longer OC Teak Restoration is the company you need.

Restoring Teak Furniture Services

High-quality teak furniture is a big investment that will last a lifetime if cared for properly. At OC Teak, we are experts at preserving and beautifying your weathered teak pieces.  Our proven processes and premium materials and sealers ensure that you are getting the best teak restoration service available in Southern California. Our trained staff excels at ensuring your expectations are always met.

Outdoor Teak Maintenance Services

Well-cared for teak furniture is one of the most pleasing sights there is but it takes regular maintenance to keep it looking that way.  For the majority of teak owners in Southern California, maintenance every 9-12 months will keep your teak protected against the elements and pleasing to the eye.  Once we have properly restored aged teak furniture, we are in a great position to continue to maintain it with the same cleaners and sealers that brought it back to life.

Sealing New Teak Furniture Services

New teak furniture looks amazing, with its soft tones and natural hues.  It radiates a level of richness and simplicity that is hard to replicate. To keep teak furniture looking as good as it does when new, it should always be appropriately sealed with a marine-grade, fully-penetrating sealer that will protect the wood from the elements while elongating its showroom appearance.

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Our proven processes and premium materials and sealers ensure that you are getting the best wood restoration and maintenance service available in Southern California.