Determining When Your Teak Furniture Needs Maintenance

published on Jul 18, 2018

One of the most frequent questions we hear from customers is “how long can wait for in-between teak maintenance visits?” While there is no clear-cut answer to satisfy all types of customers, there are some fairly basic rules we use to determine if your teak furniture is in need of maintenance:

Have the pieces lost most of their sealed color and are they on the verge of oxidizing (turning grayish)?

Is there evidence of surface mold (tiny black specks) on the surface of the teak wood?

Has it been more than a year since the teak was last maintained?

If a customer answers yes to at least one of these questions, there is a good chance they are due for teak maintenance. If they answer yes to all three questions, then they definitely are in need of an immediate teak maintenance visit.

Our goal is to provide maintenance to our customers’ teak so that they can avoid the expense and time necessary for a full restoration of the pieces. If the weathering of your teak furniture can be caught before the surfaces have oxidized and certainly before the difficult to reach areas have oxidized, then a maintenance visit is still viable and can save you in the long run.